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Demand for medical masks spikes; company in Virginia Beach helps to meet supply needs

The demand for medical masks is on the rise and a company called Premium-PPE is playing a big role in meeting that demand.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — Premium-PPE, the Virginia Beach company which sells AmeriShield masks, is producing more than one million masks every single day. Its machines run 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Chief Commercial Officer, Brent Dillie, said the rise in demand for masks across the nation (and here in Hampton Roads) began shortly after Inauguration Day in January. 

"I would say it's definitely spiked since Biden came out with a lot of his announcements, with his 100 days of masks and pushing for the vaccine, so it's definitely increased significantly after that time," said Dillie.

In addition to President Biden's 100-day mask-wearing challenge, the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci recommended people wear medical masks, and asked them to double up if possible. 

These recommendations call for a greater mask supply for the public.

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After the company put in more than five-million dollars to expand its manufacturing back in October, Dillie says it's been a constant game of catching up.

"It's been challenging, especially late last year when we were ramping up quickly and we've been producing at these levels here for a pretty good bit now," said Dillie. "We're running 24 hours a day now, so the system's really been set up. It's just kind of, the machine is turning now... metaphorically."

Dillie said his company hopes to create 100 million masks by the end of the 100-day mask mandate, to help meet the growing demand. 

He said based on the rate they are producing masks, he doesn't expect a mask shortage anytime soon.

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