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Home hacks to help you through quarantine

Make life a little easier with three functional, at-home tips

NORFOLK, Va. — Hopefully, a lot of you are getting into the groove of your home quarantine.

But you may be getting to the point where you’re really missing the conveniences of the outside world.

Here are three at-home hacks that could make life a little easier: things that may help you out.

  • If you’re running low on hand soap and you can’t find it in stores, choose something other than dish soap. Phosphates, dyes, and bleach in dish soap are rough on your hands, especially if you have sensitive skin. Bar soap isn’t a terrible alternative, but germs can still live on the surface. Experts say body wash from your shower is a great option.
  • How about haircuts? We’re hearing a lot of people talk about needing a haircut on social media. Hairstylists we talked to say ‘less is more’ is a good approach at home. They recommend focusing on areas that typically get messy the soonest, like around your ears and the back of the head. Basically, work on the perimeter and hopefully you have some help, because this kind of quick maintenance can extend a haircut by a few weeks.
  • Because toilet paper seems to be everyone’s favorite possession these days, here’s an old plumber’s trick if your toilet gets clogged. If you don’t have time for a plunger to be shipped to you, use gravity to your advantage. Fill a bucket with water, hold it about six feet above the ground over the toilet and then dump it into the bowl. The force is usually enough to push through the clog.

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