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Large turnout at Military Circle Mall Vaccination Clinic day before Thanksgiving

Hundreds of people decided to get a shot at the clinic in Norfolk. One woman said she isn't allowed in a family member's home if she doesn't get a booster shot.

NORFOLK, Va. — Hundreds of people made their way to a COVID-19 vaccine clinic ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I came to get a booster shot to be on the safe side,” said James Holloman.

At the Military Circle Mall vaccination site on Wednesday, people got their first or second vaccine or a booster shot to protect themselves against the virus.

“The key to me is I just want to stay alive. If that's what's going to prolong my life then I’m going to take the chance,” said Holloman.

Many people said they feel the same way and want to be extra protected against COVID-19, especially during the holidays.

Jackson said, “I have, my parents are seniors and I know they are going to get me for saying this, haha but they are seniors and they have gotten their booster shots so I wanted to get mine as well so that we can all be in a safe environment.”

On Tuesday, the Military Circle Mall COVID-19 clinic saw a huge turnout. Norfolk’s Acting Health Director, Dr. Parham Jaberi says more than 1,000 got a shot.

Dr. Jaberi said, “It’s wonderful to hear. The majority of those vaccinations and looking how they broke down were the boosters but we also had over 130 individuals come and get their first dose. What that tells me is that people are realizing that the COVID- 19 pandemic, unfortunately, is not over.”

While many people are doing what they can to stay safe, Dr. Jaberi wants to remind people that just because someone got a COVID-19 vaccine right before the holiday doesn’t mean they are fully protected against the virus.

“I would say a vaccine two days in your system is better than none, but we generally wouldn’t consider somebody who gets a vaccine today protected for Thanksgiving,” said Dr. Jaberi.

The clinic at Military Circle Mall will re-open on Monday, but only for COVID-19 testing. The hours are between 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Officials running the clinic expect a large turnout.

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