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Sentara Healthcare warns people about COVID-19 in-home testing scam

Sentara said at least one person got a call from someone claiming to be with the company. The caller wanted to do an in-home test for the coronavirus disease.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — There are a number of concerns about COVID-19 out there, and people looking to take advantage of the situation only are adding to the concerns. 

Sentara Healthcare said Monday that at least one person tried running a scam using Sentara's name.

Someone in Virginia Beach got a call from the person this past weekend. The caller claimed to represent Sentara. The caller told the person he/she may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 and wanted to come to the person's home to conduct a COVID-19 test.

The caller had absolutely no connection to Sentara, and the health care system stressed to everyone that no one from Sentara would call them and ask to do in-home coronavirus testing.

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In one of its COVID-19 email updates, Sentara said: "We are heartsick that in the midst of a national health crisis, scammers would use our name to prey on worried people."

Sentara said the person who got the call contacted it, and Sentara, in turn, reached out to police.

Sentara said if anyone gets a call like it, deny the request, and hang up. If anyone shows up at a home making the same claim, close the door, and call police.

The health care system outlines its process for screening and testing here.

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