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Forget the resolutions, make healthy living a journey

The hosts of the Two Haute Mamas podcast suggest making smaller goals that may be more realistic.

We're reaching that time of the year when many people start to get frustrated with their New Year's resolutions for weight loss and healthy living. But finding success may require a different approach.

Lindy Vincent and Sheletta Brundidge, the hosts of the "Two Haute Mamas" podcast, says healthy living is a process and a life-long journey. They suggest smaller goals may be more realistic, but you can also get creative and have fun with those goals.

Vincent and Brundidge shared several suggestions for healthy living success during a stop on KARE 11 News at 4:

• Try starting a food journal, even if for only two weeks, to get an idea of the areas you need to work on. There are several apps to make this easy, or you can go the low-tech route and simply use a notebook.

• Do your meal prep on the weekends, and separate into individual meals. Find reusable containers, inexpensive kitchen utensils and simple recipes that make this easy. Recipe ideas can be found on the American Heart Association website.

• Focus on easy exercises that just use your body weight , without any special equipment, that can work both your upper and lower body simultaneously. The Two Haute Mamas have quick and easy fitness tips and videos on their website.

Brundidge and Vincent say to remember it’s a journey; If you take a miss-step, just start fresh the next day.

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Sheletta Brundidge and Lindy Vincent will be appearing at the Go Red Health Expo at Mall of America on Saturday, Feb. 8, from 11am to 3pm, there they will be hosting the Student Fashion Show and Dogs Go Red Fashion Show.