VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- How do you help someone who is already physically fit get into even better shape?

That was the problem life coach and nutritionist Jim White faced when Jenny Telford walked through his door.

Before we tell you anything else about Jenny's goals, here's where she came from: she injured her hip after a race and was fresh out of surgery, afraid she couldn't do the one activity she felt kept her athletic following the birth of her two daughters.

"So we switched up her whole program," Jim said.

Here's how she did it: she added weights three times a week, and cutting back of her calorie intake by one-fourth. She had at least five servings of veggies a day.

As a result, she lost 20 pounds. So where does one go after this? Well, a bikini competition of course... at least, for Jenny.

It was her first try, and her first win!

Jenny's discipline and her ignoring doubters along the way paid off, and it's become a lesson she wants to pass on to her children.