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New year, same goal? Here's how to actually get in shape this year

Even a simple outfit change can make a big difference.

ST. LOUIS — Hitting the gym this January? You won't be alone.

Fifty-nine percent of people who make resolutions set a goal to be more active, but 20% of goal setters break their resolution in the first week.

Here are a few simple tips to help get you moving, via Today.com:

1. Put on exercise clothes when you wake up or come home from work. Making that small goal gives you something simple and attainable to do right away, creating positive momentum. Plus, once you're wearing the gear, it will be hard NOT to get moving!

2. Focus on the immediate benefits of exercise, like feeling good and mental clarity. Don't get hung up on needing to lose weight or build muscle mass right away.

3. Remember, the best type of exercise is the exercise you'll actually do. Sign up for a class you ENJOY, make sure you're setting aside time that actually works for you, and don't burn yourself out too quickly.

Stacey Trimarke at the Carondelet YMCA suggests being realistic with your goals and looking for a workout buddy. The reason gyms are crowded this time of year is because it's often a good place for people to start accomplishing their goals.

"That accountability and energy you can get from being in a gym, seeing friendly faces, even someone at the front desk, but classes are where we find new members really dive in and find their people," she said. "You're going to get encouragement absolutely, you're going to get leadership from that instructor leading, and you're going to get that energy which when you're immersed, it makes the time fly by you're going to have fun and you're going to want to come back, and you'll be consistent."

Many gyms also have January specials to help people accomplish their goals. Visit their website to learn more about the programs at the YMCA.