NORFOLK, Va. — After a nationwide shortage of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) medication, medical centers are now getting it back in stock.

Patients at Sentara Health Care can now receive their essential treatment of the IVIG medication.

IVIG is a blood product made up of antibodies and it's used for several treatments. The lack of the drug caused problems for people who rely on the treatment for day to day tasks.

Cara Hara, 22, has POTS, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Hara said she feels weak, tired and would pass out without the treatment. 

Thursday, she received her first dose after the shortage.

"It's relieving because now I can finally be more independent and not have to worry about if I will last through class. I can now just go with the flow," said Hara.

Christine Ladd, the Outpatient Infusion Center Manager, said she's happy they're able to do something for the patients who rely on the treatment.

"It just makes me feel good that we are actually able to do something for them. A lot of them have gotten worse so they went back to some of the pre-treatment days. Just to know that we are getting them all moving in the right direction for them is a good thing is a huge relief," said Ladd.

Ladd said she's calling all patients that rely on the treatment to schedule an appointment to get them back on schedule.