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Revolutionizing surgery: New foot and ankle technology a 'game changer'

A new tool called the 'Pro-Step' is meant to reduce cutting, stitches, and pain for the patient.

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — When someone experiences foot pain, they feel it with every step they take. Now one Hampton Roads foot and ankle surgeon is leading the way in helping his patients find relief, while avoiding deep cuts and big scars.

Inside Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center, Doctor Michael Campbell performs foot and ankle surgeries almost daily.

"In foot and ankle surgery, we're constantly cutting bones of people with flat feet, people with bunions, people with high arched feet,” said Doctor Campbell. "We're shifting bones around to realign them to make them more normal."

Now Doctor Campbell is using a new operational tool, called the Pro-Step. It’s a tool that means less cutting, fewer stitches, and less pain for the patient.

"This is the game changer in regard to foot and ankle technology, and foot and ankle surgery,” said Campbell. "This is something that's new to the whole nation."

Inside the operating room, we had the doctors show us what makes this operating tool so special. Campbell explained that most foot surgeries need a saw along with the help of other tools, and sometimes an x-ray machine.

All together he's able to avoid damaging other tendons, muscle, and foot tissue. But with the Pro-Step, all he has to do is poke a tiny hole 1/30th the incision size he used to have to cut.

"Technically it's harder as a surgeon, but it's better [for the patient] so it's worth it,” said Campbell.

Campbell said this method takes a few more minutes than the older way, but it saves patients scars and stress, while still coming in at the same cost.

"It doesn't really change the price or the cost at all of the surgery,” said Campbell.