CARY, N.C. – Like hundreds of thousands of others this flu season, a 6-year-old Wake County girl sought treatment for the flu. But unlike others, her story has a tragic ending… one that her parents now hope can help spread awareness.

According to a GoFundMe page, Emily Muth began feeling ill from the symptoms of the flu Tuesday, January 16. Her family took her to an Urgent Care Thursday after her symptoms continued to worsen.

“[An] EMT saw her [Friday] morning and said she had the flu and it will get worse… just keep her hydrated and she will be okay in a week or so,” Emily’s mother Rhonda Schambura Muth wrote in the GoFundMe’s description.

The following day, Emily had passed away.

“Our hearts are aching and feels like we lost a part of us,” Rhonda wrote. “There’s nothing worse than losing a child. She was our everything… she will be in our hearts forever.”

In most flu-related deaths, personal information isn’t released. However, Rhonda’s GoFundMe page hopes to help their family during their time of sorrow as well as warn other parents of the dangers of the flu.

“This flu is no joke and didn’t have to happen,” Rhonda wrote. “Please all of you who have children please hold them tight and first sign of flu get them to the ER.”

In just three days the GoFundMe page has raised $12,310 with donations from 248 people, well over its goal of $7,500.