NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The high heat is causing many people to adjust their daily plans. A big group impacted by the weather are fitness enthusiasts.

Kate Cando tells 13News Now she tries to workout in the shade. A few years ago, she had heat stroke.

"I just remember being dizzy and being hot and wanting to quit. But I didn't, so I just remember waking up in the hospital in a bed of ice," she said.

Cando exercises with her friend Tamara Jones. The two mapped out their fitness schedule with the heat.

"Come early. When we do any workouts like we do abs that requires us to lay down we try to do that under trees for shade and then we stay hydrated," said Jones.

Jess Horton, a personal trainer at Jim White Fitness & Nutrition Studios, said it's important to stay hydrated and to pay attention to your body.

"If you're sweating that's a good sign, when you stop sweating there's a reason that your body has stop sweating, you're running out of electrolytes and fluid, you need to stop and call it quits," Horton said.

"The main thing right now is for you to just get out and just get your workout in. Going through the motions is really most important. So don't really worry about your pacing or how many reps you're getting in," she added.