NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Shelters across Hampton Roads are gearing up, but right now many of them, like Union Mission Ministries, are already at capacity.

Union Mission Ministries Linda Jones says the shelter can’t take in any more people.

“We’re at capacity, we have almost 400 people in our shelters every night,” Jones said.

The Mission houses 400 people per night, and they get no state or federal funding, so they really depend on the public’s help.

Hilberto Williams used to eat at the shelter when he was homeless and now he works there.

“I want to feed the poor and those that are in need, that’s my job,” he said.

Many come from all over to get food, shelter, and work with the Mission caseworkers in job efforts.

Help is always a need, especially with the weather.

The mission is open at all times, day or night. The mission is accepting any donations of food, blankets, or even gently used items.

Anyone can go inside and learn how to volunteer or stop by the car drop off to donate.

“I love it here….I love it here, it’s better than being out in the cold," said Asher Blacksoen.