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Know This About Rip Currents While Swimming at the Beach

Ways to avoid them and survive them.

GREENSBORO, N.C. - This summer has been full or rip current rescues. From Wrightsville to Virginia Beach, up and down the coast hundreds of people have had to be pulled so far like Paula and Tom Ney.

"I started swimming my hands legs kicking and I look up not gone anywhere not moved,” Tom said. “I knew we were in trouble."

"It takes seconds for someone to go from okay, to drowning and in serious trouble,” a Virginia Beach lifeguard said.

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The lifeguards there have a few extra safety pointers beyond what you always hear.

Of course, you should either float to the end of the rip current or try swimming parallel to the shore to get out of the rip current. But if you’re a strong swimmer and you’re rescuing someone else make sure the victim's head is above water and that they're breathing. If they're unconscious, keep them afloat."

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Also know you can’t spot rip currents from down in the water, yu should go back up to the dunes and take a look out. Look for what appears to be like a bowling ally lane in the water where waves aren’t breaking.

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Rip Current Safety | NOAA