Over the past decade, a record number of craft breweries have popped up all over the U.S. The craft brew phenomenon has taken the country by storm, now with over 5,000 craft breweries nationwide and Hampton Roads is right in the thick of it.

We wanted to highlight two of the more than 25 unique craft breweries that call Hampton Roads their home!

Bold Mariner Brewing Company

Tucked away in the Larchmont area of Norfolk sits a craft brewery in a league of its own, especially now after garnering national attention.

Kerrie Stacks, owner of Bold Mariner Brewing Company explains, “Most recently we did our unicorn beer which got national attention, we totally didn’t expect it!”

There certainly is no lack of craft beer in Norfolk; Bold Mariner sits amongst six other breweries within city limits.

Keeping with their naval theme, each beer has a unique story and some sort of connection to the sea and mariner lifestyle. Being a military town, Bold Mariner honors fallen service members by naming fermenters after them.

“All our fermenters are named after fallen service members that have some sort of tie to my husband, or the brewery families,” says Kerrie.

You’ll often find her and husband Mike behind the bar serving up their craft. It’s that family-friendly service that adds another aspect to the overall experience of visiting the brewery.

If you’re looking for choice, you’ve come to the right spot. How does a new beer every week sound? It’s called their expedition beers, released every Thursday!


Scott and Rob are the owners of the brand spanking new MoMac Brewing Company in Portsmouth. The name "MoMac" should ring a bell if you’re a commuter along I-664 or a history buff. The name itself takes on a slightly new meaning at the brewery

Rob explains, “Calm waters where ships would pull in and kind of rest and wait for their time at port. We kind of base it off of, after your hectic day, come by MoMac and enjoy a nice cold craft beer and relax.”

The joint venture will feature anywhere from 14 to 16 unique beers on tap and available for sipping, tasting and gulping when they officially open their doors to thirsty Hampton Roads beer connoisseurs in early July.

But what makes them different?

Scott, co-owner of MoMac explains, “Basically what we’re going to be serving 50 percent of our beers out of bright tanks that will reduce the amount of oxygen that is exposed to the beer, give it a fresh style and allow us to be flexible with our styles.”

Brewing is an art and it’s crucial to have an expert at the helm of your craft beer ship. MoMac’s head brewer, Chris, has a resume that doesn’t disappoint, studying brewing in the U.K. and working at several other well-known Virginia breweries.

He’s got big plans for MoMac; he will be doing a lot of one-offs and really unique, special brews.

Add MoMac brewing to your craft beer tour stops this summer for a new take on the Hampton Roads beer scene, you won’t be disappointed.