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A Chesapeake woman says someone shot, killed her pet cat

The cat was found near his home with a gunshot wound on his chest. Now, his owner hopes this won't happen to anyone else's pet.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. — Beneath the soil of a backyard in Chesapeake, a family pet was buried on Tuesday.

The owner, Veronica Peyton, said her cat "Feisty" was killed in the neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

Peyton said Feisty was loved by kids in the neighborhood, which leads her to wonder why someone would’ve wanted to harm him.

“Feisty was a rollover and give me love kitty,” said Peyton. “He went for walks with kids at the bus stop.”

The cat would explore the outdoors during the day, and come home in the evening. However, on Tuesday afternoon, the cat didn't make it back to his family.

Someone shot and killed Feisty.

Peyton said she was in the emergency room with her son when it happened. When they arrived back at home, her neighbor walked over to let her know that she found the cat lying on the ground.

“The neighbor approached the house and asked if we had a gray cat,” said Peyton. “I saw the look on her face, and I followed her over to her house and it was one of our kitties.”

Peyton said she found a gunshot wound on his chest and a trail of blood which stretched along the street.

“I haven't slept since I found him yesterday,” said Peyton. “I’m scared. Not for me, but for every animal on this street.”

Peyton said she called animal control to report what happened. 13News Now reached out to an animal control officer for information on the investigation, but we have not heard back.

“I hope that whoever did this seeks treatment,” said Peyton. “You don't go out and shoot a cat. No matter how old they are, I hope they get the help they need, cause it's not gonna bring him back but maybe it'll stop someone else from losing a pet.”

For now, Peyton said she plans to keep the rest of her pets in the safety of her home.

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