VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) --- For the last decade, distracted driving has been a hot topic in the transportation world.

In most states a texting ban exists preventing drivers from using their phones while behind the wheel.

It was only natural for the auto industry to try and make things a little easier, and less distracting, when someone gets into their car.

But according to a new study by AAA researchers, it’s the displays and buttons inside newer cars that could be making things worse.

According to AAA, a spokesperson for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers recently said that touch-screen menus and fingertip buttons located on the wheel are supposed to be comparable to adjusting the volume on the radio or changing your climate setting.

But researchers suggest otherwise, claiming that out of 30 newer model cars tested, 23 came in at “high” or “very high” when it comes to the attention required by drivers.

They also found that many 2017 models have more than 50 multi-functional buttons on the wheel and dashboard.

The study reveals that the in-vehicle GPS system requires the most attention from drivers.

On average, drivers participating in the study needed 40 seconds to set a location while behind the wheel.

And while many cars disable the GPS function while the car is moving, out of the 30 cars tested 12 of them allowed use of the GPS while moving.