NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) - School buses possibly turning into a mobile billboard?

It could happen here in Virginia.

House Bill 809, proposed by Delegates Israel O'Quinn and Todd Pillion would allow school districts to sell ads to be put on the bright yellow buses.

"If the money and the funds go back to the school system. It is probably a good idea," explained community member Hugh Copeland.

If it becomes law, it would be up to school boards if they want to use the idea or not. If they do, the money would go back to the schools.

"It depends on what you are promoting. Not everyone may agree with what you are advertising," explained a local mom.

A similar bill was introduced last year, but it failed. This year, more detail of where the ads will be placed on the bus are included.

The legislation explains there are rules on where or what the ads could be and where they could be placed. The advertisements have to be on the back quarter panel of the bus. They can't cover the name of the school or have anything sexually explicit, alcohol, or unhealthy foods. Ads also can't relate to gambling, politics or tobacco.

"The kids will see it, so it needs to be appropriate," Copeland explained.

The bill still has a few more hurdles. It will go to the senate and committees there. If approved, school buses could have ads starting July 1st.