CHESAPEAKE, Va (WVEC) – After major success with a method of reducing speeding in one neighborhood, city leaders are looking to expand to other areas.

It’s been about a year since city staff installed temporary “speed tables” on Ashley Road and Stadium Drive.

“We were really worried about our children because our children have to walk these streets to go to school," said resident Roger Haas.

Residents said many people would speed, going over 40 mph in a 25 mph zone. Once the humps were installed, that seemed to end.

"You could hear them hitting the speed bumps..'BUH BOOM!'” said Haas. “And we'd all laugh 'GOT ONE!'”

The usually very busy road also saw a decrease in drivers cutting through the neighborhood, city officials told 13News Now.

"We run typically getting about 300 people a day going through the neighborhood at speeds greater than 35 mph," said Steve Froncilo, with the city’s Traffic and Engineering Department. “And since we've put in the speed tables, we've cut that down to about 50 people per day."

The city conducted a survey with surrounding residents and feed back was positive.

"More than half are supportive of the devices that are out there right now," Froncilo explained.

Froncilo said the speed tables are a last resort after trying multiple methods like police enforcement to slow traffic.

The plan is to make the humps permanent on Ashley Road and Stadium Drive by laying asphalt, which will run the city up to $4000.

A presentation with findings is expected to be made to city council at the end of February with a public input meeting to follow.

In the meantime, city staff encourage concerned residents to contact them to see if a neighborhood qualifies.