VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- It seems like everywhere you turn, technology is there.

Students at a Virginia Beach school are putting technology to good use in order to enhance their learning experience.

"Our classroom is virtually paperless," said Brittany Ferguson, a fifth-grade teacher at Cooke Elementary School.

Some of Ferguson's students get to code material for language arts.

"Using a program like Scratch, I have them create an alternate ending to the story we read in group," said Ferguson.

Kids even get to code geometrical shapes and guide bots to follow the shapes they make.

"We are using ozobots to let them program color codes using geometry terms," Instructional Learning Specialist, Kaitlyn Jensen, said.

Ferguson said it's exhilarating to watch her students thrive.

"Just from September to now, they've learned ozobot coding to now they're 3D printing, and they just got introduced that last week," said Ferguson.

Students even get to use a 3D printer to enhance their learning experience.

Gavin Chase, a student at the school, used the printer to make a 3D version of Virginia.

"I'm excited for it because I'm going to make a keychain out of mine," said Chase.

Jensen said you're not just teaching material, you're teaching the kids how to think.

"The more you're able to understand that coding, the better chance you are going to have to be productive in society," said Jensen.

Dominic Clark's teacher said she knew he could memorize the story of the Boston Tea Party, but she had him code the characters to tell the story for him.

"It's kind of easy and I can remember it well," Chase, a fifth-grader, explained.

He said he wants to be a YouTube programmer.

Most of the educational apps and programs students use at Cooke Elementary have home versions that people can download onto personal smart devices.