For the first time, a coworker of Ashanti Billie is telling 13News Now about Ashanti's accused killer, Eric Brown.

The FBI said Brown constantly walked around the Blimpie sandwich shop where Ashanti worked before she disappeared.

Former Blimpe employee, Siedah Squire, said Eric Brown would come inside the Blimpie fast food store every time she worked. However, she never pictured Ashanti disappearing, definitely not the way this case had unfolded.

Squire knows what it's like to work at the Blimpie at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek. She said Brown flirted with her at work and would ask her questions.

Questions like, “do you live with your boyfriend? Or are you still with your child's father?"

She explained, one time Brown was in her car.

"One day my tire was flat and he noticed it, because my car was parked out in front and he noticed it so he told me there was a free air pump over there like right on the side of the building,” said Squire.

Squire said he helped her fix the car tire.

She added, "just being as nice as he was to me helping me with my tire I helped out I offered to give them a ride to the gate and I literally dropped off right there."

One comment Brown has made to Squire made her uncomfortable.

"He was like yeah I like my money in cash, like the strippers do,” said Squire.

She said she didn't expect him to be the suspect in her coworker's brutal death.

"He was coming in to check on you know a fixture that fell out, or you know the tabletop had a chip in it, he was able to fix it, or he was just coming into order food," said Squire.

She stopped working at Blimpie shortly after Brown's arrest and she keeps the Billie family in her daily prayers.

"You know it could've been me. Or the next person. You know I just continue to pray for everyone safety."

After Ashanti disappeared, Blimpie started opening the store hours later. We reached out to Blimpie again for another statement.

Below is the statement provided to 13News Now:

“Our focus is on supporting Ashanti's family and the authorities as best as we can during this sad and difficult time. Our Blimpie family is upset by the news of Ashanti’s death and we want to express our continued sympathies to her parents. “