NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) – A local florist was booming with business on Valentine’s Day.

"We bought 3,000 roses and 900 red tulips,” said the owner of The New Leaf.

While men are the majority of people who are buying the flowers, Sarah Munford says one thing she’s learned is that men have no idea what to write on the card attached to the beautiful flowers.

"They'll say Happy Valentine's Day, Bill. I will say Happy Valentine's Day. I adore you. Marry me. Meet ya tonight at Norfolk Airport,” Munford said.

Sarah said she calls it, adding a touch of love.

"The wives call me and they say, Sarah, he has never said I adore you. Did you write that? I said yeah. I did. She said I loved it," Munford said.

Some men prepare for this holiday for months, while others forget it’s on February 14.

She said, "They come in the shop at 5:30 at night saying my secretary tells me it's Valentine's Day. I need red roses. How much are they? I go, 30 dollars apiece? I'm just kidding. We can help you."

If you write something boring on the card that’s boring next year, Munford can add her special touch.

"Guaranteed a kiss, and they say I hope so,” explained Munford.