NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters was full of kids with supernatural powers Wednesday. Patients got a special surprise that helped them soar.

With the help of Dunkin Donuts and the Starlight Children's Foundation, patients picked out a "Brave" gown.

"I think each of these kids has a unique trait that makes them a superhero. And it might be getting out of bed today because they've been in bed for a month, but they're a superhero because they used all their strength to get out of bed today," said Shannon Hood, manager of the child life program.

Kids strutted their stuff and showed off their new superhero masks, gowns and socks on the red carpet.

Kevaunetae picked out the Flash.

"He can run up buildings, he can do tornadoes, he can run fast," he said.

The hospital also received $10,000 to help supply the teen room.

"So exciting, like I said, I already have a stack of purchase orders, so this money is going to go towards teen crafts," said Hood.

From the masks and gowns to new teen room equipment it was all about making sure the kids soared as the superheroes they are.