VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A few people with cancer are calling the local owner of "Two Maids and a Mop" an angel.

Angelic because they've received a free house cleaning from Lee Sheridan's business.

Yvonne Williams is one of many local individuals benefiting from Sheridan's big heart. Williams was diagnosed with lymphoma on August 6, 2012, a day she used to remember solely as her sister's birthday.

“I kept it to myself for a couple of years until I was doing better then I told her what I was doing," said Williams.

She appreciates the help because she spends all of her time looking after her husband.

“I’m also a caretaker for my husband. He had a stroke back in 2005," said Williams.

Recovering took attention away from taking care of her home.

“This house wasn't looking too good but I did what I could do to keep up," she said.

Keeping up with daily chores became harder and harder, until “Two Maids and A Mop” showed up. They helped clean the house, wiping away all charges and fees.

“There’s a shortage of time that people have with their family and spend doing what they like to do," said Sheridan.

The free cleanings that Sheridan's franchise offers are part of a national effort called Cleaning for a Reason, which helps women with cancer. Sheridan's franchise even helps men.

“I have a father who’s battled prostate cancer as well as no shortage of friends," he said.

“He’s like an angel, just like an angel, that he would offer someone who’s down like me this kind of service," said Williams.

If you'd like to learn more or contact "Two Maids and a Mop", click here.