NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The cold winter months are always a threat to roads when it comes to potholes, but especially this year. With all the snow and ice drivers say streets are cracking open everywhere.

“You have to dodge them, they are a pain to get around and swerve around them,” said Matthew Campbell.

Campbell and his friends say this is the worst they’ve seen the roads, and they blame the recent rash of wicked winter weather.

“There has definitely been a lot more since all the snowfall has cleared, they’ll freeze up the streets because they’re older and a lot more cracks and stuff just make the streets more dangerous to drive on,” said Scott Clendenin.

Ellen Porter says her car was damaged by the cracked asphalt.

“I had to get a tire fixed, I really did bust a tire over here on the bridge, I really did,” said Porter.

Porter lives on Tidewater Drive. The city patched up three potholes outside her home Monday morning. She says it’s a good start, but more needs to be done.

“Tidewater Drive straight down, it’s a mess, but I’m really glad they are doing something about it,” said Porter.

Bicyclists are just as eager to see these holes disappear. They say they’re not worried about puncturing a tire, they’re worried about breaking a bone.

“Especially in the dark, sometimes in the morning or night, when I’m biking home sometimes I can’t see the potholes and I’m going through something and I’m bouncing out of my seat,” said Rachel Singer.

The city says they will be fixing potholes on a daily basis, weather permitting, and they are asking drivers to be patient.

“We’ll prioritize, of course the larger, the more dangerous ones on the main thoroughfare, are the ones we’ll get to first,” said Trista Fayton with Norfolk Public Works.

If you see a pothole that you are concerned about and want to report it to the city there are plenty of ways to do that. You can call the Norfolk Care Center at 757-664-6510 or go to the city’s website.