VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Starting tonight, thousands of college students will flood the Oceanfront.

While some locals may not be looking forward to it, local businesses are ready and waiting.

Dr. Piercing Assistant Manager Olivia Brown said college students love getting body piercings.

“For us it means a lot more traffic,” said Brown. “A lot more money to bring in a lot more perspective sales, a lot more we can do to push the business even further.”

Police estimate over 40 thousand college students will head to the beach this weekend. Many will be looking for entertainment and food, so restaurants are stocking up.

“We have to add to the inventory: beer, liquor, all around we put more staff on to accommodate people to make sure they get in and out of the building safely,” said bartender Stanley Stephenson.

And with the influx of customers comes an increase in revenue for the city. According to their research, the average visitor spent $1,898 in lodging, meals and entertainment in 2015.

“It’s just additional tax revenue that goes back to the city and maintains government services that we are able to enjoy and improve our quality of life,” said Tiffany Russell of the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau.

And while businesses are looking forward to an increase in business, there are some drawbacks.

“It gets to a point where there's less employees than customers and it kind of makes it difficult to keep an eye on people especially after they've been drinking and partying,” said Emily Ostram, General Manager of Dr. Piercing.