VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) --- You may have decided to leave the Black Friday crowds in exchange for the largest online shopping day in history, Cyber Monday.

But once your packages are delivered anything can happen.

You may have seen videos of brazen criminals running up to people's doors and stealing their packages.

There are some easy ways for you to keep your packages in your possession this year, including the Amazon Locker delivery service.

Last year Amazon broke an online sales record by selling 740 items per second. Reanna Winings is one of those buyers who understands how it feels to be stolen from.

”Like a nine dollar movie I ordered off of Amazon,” said Reanna. She said both she and her parents were not home because they work. Reanna said, “thankfully it was not anything expensive,

Nevertheless, it’s still a loss, “because I worked really hard, and I busted my butt at a restaurant in order to get that movie.”

This cyber Monday she plans on using Garcia, the Amazon locker on Diamond Springs Road in Virginia Beach.

We counted about 20 Amazon lockers, just like Garcia in our surrounding area.

Each one of them has a little camera, as well as a scanner underneath for your ticket. So you can pick up your precious package.

Other online shoppers said this storage method could help. Imyera Blakes said, “It is safer because your stuff won’t just be out there.”

Steven Purcell said, “I think this is wonderful and I’m going to use this from now on.”

Deliveries are free. There are some exclusions on how long the item can stay, and what can be shipped here.

But for Cyber Monday shoppers like Reanna, it's the perfect way to avoid porch pirates. She said, “And I know for a fact it’s not going to get stolen.”

The locker isn't the only tool amazon is offering. Amazon employees in 40 cities, including Richmond, can go into your home to drop off packages if you sign up for Amazon Key.