The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season so far has been one for the record books. An unheard of three major hurricanes slammed the United States. That’s when America’s Navy stepped in to offer assistance to those areas devastated by Harvey, Irma, and Maria.

A local sailor was among those called to service and left his family for weeks to lend in a helping hand in Puerto Rico.

Meet Marie and Tyler, the recipients of our military dream week surprise! The couple would love to celebrate their daughter's 5th birthday in Disney World but were worried that they wouldn’t have enough money to make it a reality.

We heard their story and wanted to lend a helping hand, as our way of saying thank you. So we told them we were out at the mall shooting holiday greetings for the upcoming season, and then we sprung it on them.

“Well, Tyler, what if I told you that on behalf of a very thankful community, that we want to help you guys go to Florida?" I told the family.

So next October, they will be on their way to sunny Florida to have a vacation of their dreams!