YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) --Some people living in York County are feeling unsettled.

Deputies are searching for the person who broke into a couple of homes on Goosley Road last week.

Neighbors are worried this won't be the last time thieves target their street.

Officials say the person or people responsible forced their way into two homes and stole whatever they can get their hands on.

This all happened in the middle of the day, on the same day and just minutes apart. Neighbors are taking to social media to warn each other of the recent crimes.

Amy Dillman lives on Goosley Road. She's shocked and surprised, mainly because it's normally quiet on her street.

“It bothers me because I am home all day long, so if someone was breaking in here it would definitely make me nervous,” Dillman says. “It's scary because if it is a forced entry, if you're home with your child and someone comes in it'll scare them too.”

Deputies put the area on a “keep check” meaning they're now patrolling the area more often.