VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) — Ray Golding is used to cleaning up after big storms. He grew up in Virginia Beach and lives in Virginia Beach, but doesn't always get to work in his home state.

Over his 30 years working for Dominion Energy, Golding has helped restore power after 21 different hurricanes. Hurricane Michael is number 22.

So, Golding had an idea. He bolted the names of the hurricanes to the back of his work truck, as a reminder of where he's been, and what he's seen.

“I came up with this idea when Isabel hit Virginia Beach," Golding said. "I put it on there with a couple other ones I had been on previously, and it just took off from there."

Golding said sometimes he would spend weeks away on projects after a hurricane. All in all, he estimated he has spent more than a year away from his family just for power restoration.

At this point, on the back of his truck, he's running out of space.

“I probably need a bigger board. I’m running out of room," Golding said.

Golding plans to put the board in his garage when he retires. While fixing power lines Friday, he said he couldn't help but think about the efforts memorialized on his truck.

“The guys I was with on these storms, they’re all long gone, retired or passed away so you think about that," he said.

Now, there's one more name to add.

“And then there will be Michael," he said.

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