NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) --- Sharon Bahiy wants more for her Norfolk neighborhood.

She lives off of Sewells Point Road near the Five Points intersection.

Aside from a few chain restaurants, there isn’t a lot to offer nearby neighbors like Bahiy.

“I’d love to see a book store here,” said Bahiy.

It’s also hard to ignore the empty storefronts that line several blocks of Sewells Point.

“You just want things to grow,” said Bahiy. “You want to be in an area where it’s fruitful.”

The area has potential. The roads are busy, and drivers are a straight shot to the airport and downtown.

But attracting new investors hasn’t been easy.

That’s where Norfolk Arts comes in.

This October, you won’t see new businesses filling the empty storefronts, but you will see art.

Organizers will unveil the Five Points Drive Thru Art Gallery.

More than three dozen buildings on Sewells Point Road, From Norview Avenue to Greenwood Street, will have windows filled with large pieces of art submitted by local artists.

It’s a way to revitalize the area without spending a lot of money, clean things up for potential investors and give the community something to enjoy together.

“I really feel something like art could bridge the gap between the older community and the kids,” said Bahiy.

If you're interested in submitting art for the project, you can view the submission form at the NorfolkArts website.