VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- It's every parents’ nightmare: receiving a phone call in the middle of the night, that your child is hurt and in the hospital.

That’s the phone call Allen Crute received at his home around 5 a.m. Monday. His 28-year-old daughter Allison Crute was on the other line. She is a nurse currently living in Norfolk.

"And she goes, 'I've been shot,' and then she's quiet and I'm thinking, 'Do I have 10 or 15 seconds left to say I love you or what?'" said Crute.

He said he felt helpless, 2,000 miles away, there was nothing he could do.

"And she said, 'We are in the hospital. We are going to be OK, my arm, as far as I know, is shattered,'" said Crute.

Allison and her boyfriend Andrew Kampe were near the front of the stage listening to Jason Aldean when Allison was hit in the left fore arm by a bullet. Andrew did all he could to protect her, injuring himself in the process.

"I heard that Andrew received his shrapnel because he got Allison on the ground and was shielding her from receiving any more wounds," said Crute.

The couple somehow managed to make it out of the concert and to the hospital.

"Listening to those gun shots, I wouldn't expect there to be any survivors, so I was really relieved to know that they were OK," said Crute.

Allison has already undergone one surgery and may need several more. She has yet to regain feeling in her arm. A GoFundMe page has been set up to support her. Crute said his daughter is tough and she will get through this.

"We've always tended to deal with crisis situations in a comic relief way and she said, ‘And he did it during one of my favorite songs,’ and she started chuckling,” said Crute. "That was her way of saying, 'I'm going to be OK.'”

According to Crute, she is expected to be released from the hospital within the next two to three days and then she'll fly back home to Virginia where she will continue her recovery process.

On Monday night, Allison posted this Facebook message from her hospital bed: “Thank you all for your outpouring of love, support and generosity, I'm in tears thinking of how blessed I am. Please keep up the prayers."