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Female ostrich, Gobbles, at Virginia Zoo dies

Gobbles was nine. She died after undergoing surgery to mend one of her wings that was fractured while she was on exhibit.
Credit: Virginia Zoo

NORFOLK, Va. — Virginia Zoo staffers are mourning the death of one of their female ostriches that died after she suffered a wing fracture.

The nine-year-old ostrich, Gobbles, died after her wing was injured from an unknown cause while she was on exhibit.

When she was examined, the veterinary staff found a small, non-displaced wing fracture. 

A doctor stabilized the fracture by wrapping the wing. However, when a follow-up exam was done, doctors learned that her wing was fractured in two places instead of just one.

Gobbles underwent surgery to prevent further damage. Even though the surgery was successful, Gobbles started experiencing major complications during her recovery. Even as staffers made intensive efforts to save her, she passed away.

Credit: Virginia Zoo