CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) — The Center for Disease Control has been tracking the flu for 13 year now, but this year has been the most widespread case of the flu they’ve ever seen.

So far, the CDC reports 53 kids have died due to flu related illness.

Now the flu is limiting visitors to senior facilities like Commonwealth Senior Living, in Chesapeake. The senior living center has seven locations.

The regional resident Vice President told 13News Now, eleven people have the flu in the Chesapeake facility right now.

"We love for our residents to have visitors and family members and guests come in, but in a time like this we do ask them to limit visits." Giovanni Montague-Sneed said, "j ust so we can make sure community remains healthy."

Montague-Sneed said they make sure all of their residents are given the flu shot early.

However, those who have the flu now are isolated to their rooms as a precaution for everyone’s health safety.

These are all precautions the Chesapeake Health Department Epidemiologist recommends too.

"This year we are seeing more outbreaks associated with those facilities," said Lisa Engle.

Engle warns as much as families love seeing their grandparents and loved ones, right now is not the rig ht time. That’s especially true for kids who tend to be around other kids carrying gems and not washing their hands.

"Especially if you have any kind of symptoms because they pick it up very easily," said Engle.

It’s still not too late to get your flu shot if you haven’t already. Engle said we have not even reached the peak of flu season.

It takes two weeks to kick in, and the only time it’s too late to get your shot is once you have the flu, and once flu season is over.