VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — New Year, same old craving for a slimmer waistline. If you are hungry for a way to spice up your diet, Clean Eatz in Virginia Beach hopes to help.

"We want to be the first step for our customers, friend, and family to start on a healthier track," said Dylan Richmond, the owner of the Virginia Beach franchise.

The part meal plan, part fast-casual restaurant concept has been a hot spot for people trying to meet their weight loss and weight gain goals.  

"Calories are listed, the ingredients are listed as well, and having the ratios of your protein carbs and fats is really going to give you all the nutrients," said Richmond. 

Customers have several options on how you can enjoy the food. Anyone can order it at the restaurant and enjoy in house, pre-order ahead, or grab-and-go from their fully stocked ready-meal freezer.  

"You will pick up your fresh food every week, and what's great about that, it's a menu, so you are not stuck with the same boring food every week," said Richmond. 

The calories are clearly listed on the packaging. There's also a breakdown of all your major macronutrients, fat, carbs and protein. Anyone can choose a meal tailored at help lose weight, gain, or maintain it. 

"We actually make all of our seasonings, there's no sodium or salts, we don't use any oils or salts," explained Richmond.  

The restaurant also has vegan, paleo, keto and gluten-free options available. 

You can learn more about Clean Eatz here