The Grammy awards are a time to recognize excellence in music, but on Sunday night, the show also got political.

Celebrities took the opportunity to shout out several causes, including the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Actress and transgender activist Laverne Cox introduced Lady Gaga and Metallica. But first, she had a message of her own:

"Everyone please Google Gavin Grimm," she said. "He's going to the Supreme Court in March. #StandWithGavin."

And people did just that, with the hashtag going viral overnight:

Grimm is the transgender teen from Gloucester who is suing for the right to use the boy's bathroom in school.

In 2014, Gloucester High School initially allowed Grimm to use the boys bathroom, but stopped weeks later after some community members expressed concern. A lower court then ordered the Gloucester County School Board to accommodate Grimm, but the board appealed.

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Still1029_00000_1477713641836.jpg gavin grimm
Gavin Grimm speaks with 13News Now reporter Laura Geller
13News Now

“I think that there's a lot of support for transgender people and them using the right bathrooms, but that doesn't get laws passed," the 17-year-old previously told 13News Now. “It doesn't make sure that people are going to be treated correctly. It takes a lot more than that, unfortunately.”

The high court will hear his case next month against the Gloucester County School Division. Oral argments are scheduled for March 28.

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