GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Two dollars and 30 cents doesn't sound like much. But for families struggling to make ends meet, the cost of daily school lunches can be tough to cover.

This Christmas, a woman who just moved to Greensboro is lightening the load on some families.

Grammy award-winning singer, Tasha Cobbs, has agreed to pay off all the school lunch debt at Erwin Montessori and Page High School.

"She said that God laid it upon her heart to pay off a school's lunch account," said Principal Deborah Parker, at Erwin Montessori School. "It meant a lot to our parents and our families and to the entire school that someone would be so kind."

Cobbs paid off about $300 worth of debt at Erwin Montessori and nearly $700 in debt at Page High School, according to Jim Faggione, Director of School Nurtition Services in Guilford County.

Across the Guilford County School District, roughly 3,300 students have negative school lunch balances, owing $27,741 in all.

Faggione wants to remind parents that they can reapply for free or reduced lunches during the school year if their financial situation changes.