HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Mayor Donnie Tuck said the future is bright for the city of Hampton.

He addressed hundreds in his state of the city address Tuesday afternoon, highlighting the city's accomplishments, which include more than a thousand new jobs in the city, bringing in thousands of tourists, resulting in a record of more than $200 million dollars in economic activity and 2/3 of the schools in Hampton are fully accredited.

“Our schools are 21st century and they're trying to prepare students for the jobs out there and help them be more college, career ready,” Mayor Tuck says.

Mayor Tuck also talked about what they need to work on. One major topic of discussion Tuesday afternoon was revitalizing the downtown area.

Mayor Tuck says that includes redevelopment and new housing opportunities. Mayor Tuck says they're also working to attract millennials.

“We need to make sure there's opportunities for the young people who grow up here and go to college here that they will see something that'll make them want to stay,” Mayor Tuck says.

Mayor Tuck also talked about ways they're attacking crime and how they're making the city safer.

There have been 15 homicides in the city this year.

Mayor Tuck says they're putting more police officers in the street, plus opening a real-time crime center next month to see where crime is happening in the city and focus more resources in that area.

“A lot of places, like businesses have cameras, and we can tie into those networks so if a crime is happening we can find the car or if they are escaping on foot we can track that as well,” Mayor Tuck says.