NORFOLK, Va (WVEC) – Many businesses surrounding the military bases in Hampton Roads are bracing for a possible government shutdown.

Fears surround furloughed non-essential personnel who might not get paychecks and splurge on services like haircuts or dry cleaning.

"For the sake of family, bills and financial stability, they do, they will sacrifice,” said Jonathan Moyler, co-owner of CHOSEN Styles and Cuts Salon.

Moyler's shop sits about .2 miles, a five-minute walk from JEB Little Creek Fort Story.

"Some of them come from the base on their lunch break," Moyler said. "We are concerned about it and we try to take precautions for it."

Moyler said he’s been through a previous shutdown as a barber in 2013. He witnessed the decline in sales.

Other shops like Marina’s Alteration & Dry Cleaning have had their eyes glued to the news.

"I'm also kind of worried about what's going around because we don't know how long this will last,” said Co-owner, Danilo Obsuna.

Both shops are poised to offer steeper military discounts to ones they already have in place.

"A lot of people are believers, so they do trust God that he's going to take care of them regardless,” said Moyler. "We can get concerned, but we're prepared for this."