CHESAPEAKE, Va (WVEC) -- City leaders across Hampton Roads came together Thursday afternoon to say 'no' to offshore drilling.

The Hampton Roads Planning District Commission are standing up against President Donald Trump's plan to expand offshore drilling to Virginia's coast.

"There are too many downsides and no upside at this time," said Robert Matthias with the city of Virginia Beach.

Leaders believe if it comes to Virginia's waters, drilling could hurt the tourism industry and the military.

"We could lose a ship. We could lose a carrier, and that would be a devastation to the Hampton Roads area," explained Councilwoman Dr. Ella Ward.

The chance for increased oil production and more jobs with offshore drilling has been talked about for years, but recently the Trump Administration announced a plan to lift the ban on drilling off several states, including Virginia and North Carolina.

According to ABC News, Florida is exempt from offshore drilling, and Hampton Roads leaders think Virginia should be too.

"Oil balls blowing up on the beach, dead species, whales, turtles," Matthias explained.

A local business owner said drilling is not in the best interest of the people. She is hoping it doesn't happen in Virginia.

"This is our lively hood, this is our way of life. This is our business it's our future generations that are all at risk," explained a business owner.

Hampton Roads Planning District Commission will write a letter signed by all Hampton Roads leaders in the committee to federal officials saying they do not want offshore drilling.

Leaders just hope they listen.