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Health experts warn not to give in to pandemic fatigue

We've spent most of 2020 dealing with coronavirus. But health experts say now is not the time to let your guards down.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — It's been almost eight months since President Trump declared a national emergency in response to coronavirus.

Health experts warn as we enter the colder months and holidays to not let your guards down.

As restrictions loosened, Dr. Portillo with Cone Health Medical Groud said so did everyone's resolve. After North Carolina entered Phase 3, COVID cases started to rise. Portillo believes it's due to people getting tired of staying apart. 

"Things get a little relaxed and we forget about the simple things that we can do to maintain safety for ourselves in and the community, Dr. Portillo said.

Not following the three w's can have devastating consequences. Dr. Portillo said in the last two weeks 70 people were hospitalized with COVID-19 at Cone Health hospitals, and it's spreading in the community.

"So we have seen that the likelihood of coming across a person with COVID has risen in all the counties and in all the cities. It was as low as 30% about two weeks ago. And we've had 65-70%, a high likelihood that you will face somebody with that," Dr. Portillo said.

Dr. Portillo said we should keep each other accountable.

"Wearing those masks, washing their hands and maintaining the 6 feet." Dr. Portillo said. "You have to call each other out and people should not be offended it’s just the right thing to do to keep our community safe."

He also said to keep a close eye on your mental health if you feel yourself getting stressed out.

"There are simple things going out for a 2- 3-minute walk or going out for a 15-minute walk," Dr. Portillo said.

He added showing gratitude and finding positive moments in the midst of uncertainty is also beneficial.

"So they are little things that you can do to just bring positive energy into your life to deal with that fatigue," Dr. Portillo said.