CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) — Saturday night downpours caused heavy flooding throughout Hampton Roads.

The Loxley Gardens neighborhood in Chesapeake had water levels that reached up to people’s knees. Kids brought pool floats out and played in the floodwaters. But for many drivers in the area, the flooded streets were no laughing matter. Several broken down cars sat at the edge of the neighborhood after driving through the water.

Robert Parker, a man who has lived in the neighborhood for 23 years said through the years, he has seen cars speed through floodwater.

“Just people going too fast. They don't know how to drive through water, turn around,” said Robert Parker.

His wife, Brenda Parker, said the heavy flooding is nothing new in their neighborhood.

"Every time it downpours, it floods," she said.

"It gets pretty bad. I wouldn't drive my car through it."

Chesapeake wasn't alone. Over at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, football fans were tried to stay dry before Saturday night’s game against Florida International University. Rain coats and umbrellas made it hard to spot the fan gear people were sporting underneath.

Jimmy Mallon tailgated before the game, the rain disrupted his normal pre-game routine.

“It bothers me. Normally, I'd be throwing a football, a little cornhole,” said Mallon.

“But we've got good friends, seeing the kiddos get wet, it's a joy. We're fine."

Early Saturday evening, lightning and thunder threatened fans with delays, but that didn't stop people like Crait Rice from tailgating.

“We're gonna be here, the rain's gonna let up, and we're gonna have a ‘W’," said Rice.

Fortunately for fans like him, the game kicked off at 7:30 p.m. without a delay.