NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) ---Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and the city of Norfolk has come alive with holiday spirit.

Whether it's your first-time ice skating or not, MacArthur On Ice can feel just right for any age during the holidays.

Leslie Ann Alasagas said it's her first time at the ice rink. She said, “I was actually just driving by and I had my skates in my car so I figured might as well."

Leslie just moved to Hampton Roads, and she's a naval officer based out of Naval Station Norfolk. She has been ice skating for 17 years and says it makes her feel like she can defy physics.

However, if your feet get tired quicker than Leslie's do, you could have slid away and pulled up a chair next to Curton Holley, for the Grand Illumination Parade.

He drove from North Carolina to grab a seat early in the front row. "The only way you get a seat is nice and early," said Curton.

The crowd is full of new and returning fans. " I just love this time of the year, getting everyone together. I just love it," Taylor Gaines. She is watching the Grand Illumination Parade for the first time.

Everyone there is enjoying the sights and sounds. Some are there to support friends and family.

Faith Jones said she’s there to support her son. “He's marching and I'm so excited this is his last year, he's a senior,” said Faith.

No matter if you're standing on the sidewalk or gliding on ice, it's a good time in Norfolk for holiday spirit.

MacArthur on Ice lasts until Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

There are plenty of other events going around Hampton Roads for the holidays as well.

We have a list of activities for you to check out.