(WVEC) -- After all these natural disasters a lot of people want to know how to keep their pets safe. But it doesn't even have to be during a hurricane or flood.

Sometimes you've got to act fast in every day life.

One Virginia Beach veterinarian is making sure pet owners know how to keep their four-legged loved ones healthy and happy.

Dr. Ashley Powell and her dog teach a pet first aid, CPR and disaster response class at MedPro at Town Center.

She says the same maneuvers can be used on dogs and cats. Part of the class includes learning what constitutes an emergency. If your pets breathing seems labored, you can check its gums.

"In dogs that are in heart failure, or not able to oxygenate well, or choking sometimes that'll get a purple or white appearance," said Powell. "Whereas in a healthy dog you should see that nice pink color."

An unfortunate reality for owners is pets getting hit by cars.

To check the dogs pulse, you can put your hand on the inner thigh, you also need to check for breathing. If there's no breathing or pulse, you can begin CPR.

"Ideally he's gonna be on his right side. Close the mouth and breath into the nose," she said. You start with five breaths, and move onto 15 chest compressions, followed by one breath. If after 10 minutes there are no results, she says to take a step back.

Powell adds that it's important for pet owners to have a first aide kit that includes items like a stethoscope, thermometer, bandaging material, and antiseptics.

If you're interested in learning more about Powell's class at MedPro you can click HERE. .

There's also a class that starts at 6 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday October 4, and there is still room to sign up. It costs $75.