JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- James City County is considering whether joining forces with York County's 911 call center would make sense.

County leaders recently hired a consultant to find the advantages and disadvantages of merging their dispatch with the York, Poquoson, Williamsburg Regional 911 emergency communications center in York County.

Assistant Fire Chief for James City County Tristan Aiken said the potential move could save the county money long-term and could potentially cut down on emergency response times.

“We believe there could be a benefit to the citizens but we are in the initial stages,” Aiken said.

James City County interim administrator Bill Porter believed the potential move would shorten response time since everyone would be together in one location.

James City County's emergency communications center got 138,115 calls in 2017. Of those, 243, 236 came into York County's 911 call center last year.

York County leaders said the additional staff would allow them to handle the increase in calls because they’ve done this twice before by bringing in Poquoson in 2007 and Williamsburg in 2009.

York County's director of emergency communications Terry Hall stressed this would be an increase in services, and that's what he wants the public to know.

A consultant is coming in this week to start this study and look at the pros and cons.

James City County leaders take their findings to the Board of Supervisors and make a recommendation and hope to have a decision by July.