Norfolk, Va. (WVEC) – Super Bowl LII is just days away and millions of people will be watching.

A company called 'Superior Float Tanks' is hoping their product gives the New England Patriots a winning edge.

Business owners Steven and James Ramsey are one of the leading manufacturers of therapeutic floatation tanks. The tanks are used for floatation therapy also known as 'floating' to help people’s bodies rest and recover.

James Ramsey and his brother started the business first as a retail show in 2011.

“At the time there was one tank in Virginia a doctor had one. Initially people are a little hesitant to try it out but after they do they realize the benefits,” said Ramsey.

The Ramsey’s business is expanding worldwide. They now sell tanks to everyone from universities, the U.S. military and professional sports teams.

Last year all the major professional sports teams that won championships were teams that floated.

"From the Chicago Cubs they'd gotten a tank for the first year and won the World Series. Steph Curry, he's been floating now for about a year to two years now. After trying it and having the benefits work and understanding it, we knew that it was going to be something that was larger,” said James Ramsey.

Steven Ramsey said the first professional team they sold a tank to was the New England Patriots.

“The first year we sold to them they won the Super Bowl and the following beginning of the season they bought another one and they made it to the Playoffs. Last year they built a whole new section for the tanks added a third one and we know how that went they won the Super Bowl that year,” said Ramsey.

Last year Tom Brady had one of the Ramsey’s floatation tanks installed in his home. Steven Ramsey hopes floating will give Brady a lift to take home another Super Bowl but he doesn’t think he’ll need it.

“This year we are rooting for the Patriots. We think the Patriots will do well without us but we like to believe there’s a small percentage in there that gives them an advantage,” said Ramsey.

Whether or not the Patriots see success in Minneapolis this weekend, James Ramsey said they have their sights set on growing their business even more in Hampton Roads.

“We’d like to create a successful business here in Hampton Roads, employ people and continue to push float tanks out more globally,” said James Ramsey.