CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- The shooting in Las Vegas has impacted many people across the country, including people in Hampton Roads.

Dawn Eskins owns the "Carolina Cupcakery" in Chesapeake and landed in Las Vegas Sunday night for an annual convention.

Almost immediately after stepping off a plane in Las Vegas, Eskins' night picked up.

She and her friends were met at the airport by an ambulance because her friend was sick and had to be taken to the hospital. When they got there, they got caught in the midst of the chaos from the mass shooting.

"We were in the ER with just 10 cars out front and people pulling gun shot victims and not all of them were alive," she said.

Eskins and her friends sat in a hospital waiting room, witnessing hospital staff and other civilians doing what they could to help the hundreds of victims.

"They were doing their jobs. We got a front row seat of these heroic people doing their jobs," she said.

Even people at the hospital seeking medical attention, Eskins said, risked their own health for others who they believed were more in need.

"There was a guy there that was having an active heart attack and I went over there to see if he was okay and he said 'Well, those people need help before I do,'" Eskins described.

Eskins said in the midst of the violence and chaos, many may talk about the shooter but after her experience, she wanted to praise the people she considers "heroes."

"The message for us is...a lot of people are talking about this evil man but we should really be talking about the first responders really," said Eskins.

She said she will be in Las Vegas until Wednesday.