CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- A local woman got the chance to share a personal message on one of the biggest national stages.

She was featured in Hyundai's Super Bowl commercial Sunday night, in an ad focused on the automaker's support for cancer research.

At the age of 21, Alexandra Egress, at the time a student at William and Mary, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.

"It was a life-change I would say because I went from being a full-time college student to taking a semester off," she said.

She spent her time as a patient at CHKD, a place she was already all too familiar with before she sought treatment there.

For years, Egress volunteered in the same clinic she would become a patient in.

"Seeing it from their perspective gave me a whole new perspective on them and made me feel even closer to them than I already did as a volunteer and I felt like I could connect with them better and we could just support each other," Egress told 13News Now.

She's glad she got to share her story and helped spread awareness on such a big stage.

The ad, she said, was filmed the weekend before the Super Bowl but she was sworn to secrecy, and didn't even find out herself until game time that she made the ad.

In the ad, she shared her story with strangers through a screen. Seconds later, Egress stepped into the same room and greeted the family watching her story.

"When I got to go out there and meet her, she was so ecstatic to see that I was actually there in person," she said.

Egress admits, she was more emotional than she anticipated. Why? She's not sure. But, she's sure now, about her purpose as a survivor.

"I got cancer for a reason and I think the reason why I got cancer was to help my story become full circle," she said.

She's back in school studying to be a pediatric cancer nurse at a Sentara nursing school.

Now, 24-years-old now, she's cancer-free.