NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- More snow is expected to move into Hampton Roads Wednesday and city crews are prepared.

"We're prepared. We have our salt and sand. We've replenished all of it and we're ready to go to get out there as soon as we see some snow falling, if necessary," said Trista Fayton, the Management Services Administrator for the City of Norfolk.

The city has mobilized its 24 crews, which means they'll hit the road Wednesday morning.

They're brining the bridges and overpasses, then moving to primary roads downtown, and then moving to inner streets in the area.

"No more than 2 inches on the ground before we start plowing. Two inches is what sets us into plow mode," said Fayton.

That rule also applies over in Chesapeake, where crews are also getting ready for the snow, and prioritizing primary and emergency routes.

"Given the forecast, if we only get one inch of snow, you probably won't see the plows on the road. You'll see our sand and salt spreader. They'll be out but we generally don't plow until there's 2 inches of snow on the ground," said Earl Sorey, the Assistant Director of Public Works in Chesapeake.

While always ready, these cities say the last snow storm was unique because of the amount that accumulated and the cold temperatures that came after.