VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) – A local man was staying on the same hotel floor as the shooter in the Las Vegas Attacks.

Robert DuBell is a Navy Veteran and calls Virginia Beach home. On Sunday, he left to go on an IT work trip in Las Vegas.

He checked into his Mandalay Bay hotel room Sunday. He was given a room on the 32nd floor. That night while inside the hotel casino, he said he heard people say there was active shooter in the hotel.

"I'm not an emotional guy but this was tragic," said DuBell.

DuBell said he is shocked and saddened something like this would happen.

"There are a lot of people that are still freaked out,” he said. “You see the thousand yard stare from younger people. The mood is not good."

After patrons found out there was a shooting, security stepped in.

"Security came and got us and they led everyone down to the basement and at that point we were in there for about ten hours," DuBell said.

For ten hours, DuBell watched the news with dozens of others and chatted with his family to let them know he was safe.

After the guests were allowed to leave and go back to their rooms, DuBell realized his was on the same floor as the gunman.

“I had my medication up there," He explained. "They said we will have someone get the medicine and bring it to me and they said everything else stays in there."

DuBell was given another hotel room on a different floor, but all his belongings had to stay in his previous room. On Monday, he was allowed back up and was escorted by police.

"It was completely taped off,” said DuBell. “They had a tarp over the 100 wing. The FBI was in there, the Vegas Metro was there. It was pretty crazy.

DuBell said he plans to possibly leave a day earlier than expected to get back home to his family.

"I am taking this a little bit harder than I thought. It is pretty emotional," DuBell said.