YORKTOWN, Va. (WVEC) --- Grafton High School was on its seventh snow day Thursday.

There were no students in the halls and none of the regular chatter.

“It’s empty, it’s quiet,” said GHS Principal Whitney Cataldo.

Cataldo was in school that day using the snow day to take care of paperwork.

At one point she was ready for a quick break. So she asked the athletic director to help her shoot a video for her students.

“We got together and came up with some ideas,” said Cataldo.

Within the hour the video was posted on the high school's Twitter page.

It shows Cataldo doing “goofy things” the students wouldn’t expect.

It shows her playing the drums in the music hall, lifting weights in the gym, pretending to serve food in the cafeteria and sliding down one of the staircase handrails, among several other things.

The video lasts almost two minutes, and it was her way of letting the students know she misses them

“And I can’t wait for you guys to be back with me,” said Cataldo. “Because the building is not the same without you here.”

It’s also a nice little reminder to embrace what life throws at you.

Cataldo will have to help students and staff get back on track after missing a week of school, and it’s her first year as GHS’s principal.

“It’s been very disjointed for everybody,” she said.

But the timing was right to balance academics with a little fun.

And next time, she may not need the snow to make it happen.

“There might be a few [videos] in the future,” said Cataldo. “We will see.”